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    From vaccinations to breastfeeding, the arrival of your long-awaited bundle of joy can be overwhelming. At an Allied Physicians Group pediatric practice, the process of receiving care for your newborn is streamlined, efficient and, most importantly, caring and patient.

    Breastfeeding Support Center

    In addition to one-on-one care with your pediatrician, we are also proud to offer the Allied Physicians Group Breastfeeding Support Center. The Breastfeeding Support Center contains a network of physicians, nurses and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). From the very first time you contact us, you speak directly with a healthcare provider to get the answers you seek and the support you want.

    If you need breastfeeding help right away, our helpline is recommended by obstetricians & pediatricians all over the tri-state area. Our dedicated staff of Lactation Consultants & Pediatricians have been helping mothers & babies breastfeed successfully for decades.

    We also offer email support, in-home consultations, in-office consultations, classes, extended phone consultations, pump sales and rentals and so much more!

    Since breastfeeding is a journey unique to each mother and child, we are there for patients until they reach the destination that works best for them.


    The pediatricians that comprise Allied Physicians Group adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine recommendation. Our doctors feel strongly that informed parents opt to vaccinate their children according to these guidelines. For this reason, we can provide you with the latest, advanced research and medical findings.

    For questions about the immunization schedule or other vaccination related matters, please click here.

    Frequently Asked Questions by New Parents

    Whether your question is related to giving birth or billing, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions related to newborn care.

    Q. How soon after birth will my pediatrician see my baby?

    A. Your APNY pediatrician will see your baby within the first 24 hours.

    Q. How will my pediatrician know when my baby is born?

    A. The hospital will ask for the name of your pediatrician when you go in to deliver. They will call us.

    Q. What if my pediatrician doesn’t have privileges at the hospital where I am delivering?

    A. Ask your Obstetrician to recommend a pediatrician at that hospital. Most newborn care is routine and your Allied pediatrician will learn all the important information by talking to you and reading the discharge information. If the baby’s care is less routine, the doctor at the hospital will happily call us and let us know everything that happened.

    Q. How soon after the baby is discharged should we see the pediatrician?

    A. The doctor who sees the baby in the hospital will let you know when you should schedule your first appointment.

    Q. What are my pediatrician’s office hours?

    A. Each Allied Pediatric practice has varying hours. Call your chosen office for more information.

    Q. What do I do if I call the office and it is closed?

    A. Each of our offices provides access to after hours phone advice. Ask your doctor about it. And don’t forget that Allied has an After-Hours Center, which can be reached by calling 1-866-621-APNY.