A baby goes in for a regular scheduled appointment check-up with her mother and pediatrician at a local Allied Physicians Group practice in Long Island New York

Breastfeeding Program

Successful breastfeeding forms an intimate connection between mother and child. No matter which stage of motherhood you are in, the staff at Allied Physicians Group is devoted to aiding you to best care for your child. Whether in person, via phone or email, or through classes, Allied Physicians Group provides the resources to ensure that you are the most prepared to breastfeed your child.

A young baby has a check-up appointment to ensure proper eating habits with a healthy nutrition program with her pediatrician at her local Allied Physicians group pediatric office in Long Island New York

Nutrition Program

A new innovative, educational program for weight loss and improved nutrition is now available through Allied Physicians Group. The Balanced Plate works to inform patients about healthy eating habits and promote better health with exercise and a nutritious diet. Over a 12-week timeframe, patients will track their progress and determine plans for successfully and healthy lives for the entire family.

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